July 23, 2014

Elaborate Chinese cyber espionage operation targeted U.S. firms, F-35 technology

A team of three Chinese cyber spies have conducted an elaborate cyber espionage operation that penetrated into the most protected network files of several key U.S. defense contractors. The leader of the espionage group, Su Bin, was arrested in Canada on June 28 and is in the extradition process to the U.S. for trial. The FBI revealed the elaborate extent to which the group operated against U.S. companies. (FULL STORY)
Su Bin (inset) is accused of hacking Lockheed Martin systems to steal F-35 secrets.   
Growing personality cult around Xi Jinping noted by enemies, has few precedents
Even as Xi Jinping is extending the parameters of his anti-corruption drive, the official media is building up a personality cult around the President that is unprecedented since the demise of Mao Zedong in 1976. Since early July, the official media such as Xinhua News Agency and the People's Daily have gone into overdrive extolling the virtues of Xi as a "great leader."

A Tiananmen Square street vendor displays a souvenir with pictures of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chairman Mao Zedong.  
The good news about China's naval surveillance vessel spying on RIMPAC
Taiwan naval ship shadowed by PLA naval ship in South China Sea

North Korea increasingly sensitive to foreign media depictions

China's Web users total 632 million, most using mobile phones
China concerned about Seoul, Tokyo joining U.S. THAAD system
Report: North Korea has most submarines in the world

N. Korea's cash flow woes said to prompt application to join global
money laundering group

SEOUL — North Korea's decision to join an international body combating money laundering and terrorist financing is aimed at easing the sanctions that have jeopardized the destitute nation’s cash flow from abroad, government officials and experts here said.
Following Putin's lead, China's Xi visits Cuba
China, Russia hit tech snag in negotiations for a Mi-26 helicopter deal
Russia completes delivery of 52 military helicopters to China

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