February 4, 2015

No comment: Despite his Hong Kong roots, Key British official gets no respect

Hugo Swire, Great Britain's Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, had just spent three days in Beijing meeting with his Chinese counterparts, several being Hong Kong's overlords. He then travelled to Hong Kong, which had been ruled by the British for more than 150 years until it was handed over to Chinese rule in 1997.

Hugo Swire, Britain's envoy, sought answers but couldn't get the time of day in Hong Kong. Cathal McNaughton
'Emperor Xi'? Unprecedented parade to salute the 'Mao Zedong of the 21st Century'
President Xi Jinping has determined to outdo Mao Zedong in terms of building up a cult of personality: he has ordered a gigantic military parade at Tiananmen Square this autumn to demonstrate his ironclad hold over the army – and most other levers of power. In Communist Chinese Party (CCP) history, military parades have only been held to mark major anniversaries of the founding of the People’s Republic.

Official: China uses Taiwan for target practice before rolling out cyber attacks on West
Taiwan allows communist nemesis to visit frontline island of Quemoy

Pyongyang launches diplomatic offensive to ban film in other countries

PLA's top brass kowtow to Xi as yet another 'big tiger' purge looms
China blasts N.Y. Times for editorial on rape of Burma
North Korea’s Kim weighs invites for first trips abroad as leader

Moscow's charge for repairing North Korea's electical power grid: Rare Earths
SEOUL — Russia plans to divert resources blocked by sanctions to North Korea to upgrade its sub-standard electrical power infrastructure.
U.S. denies China's claim that it authorized new flight routes close to Taiwan
Chinese lumberjacks flee Burma in droves after mass arrests
Cash-strapped North Korea to incentivize foreign investment for 'world-class tourism zone'

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