April 15, 2015

China to deploy 3 new nuclear subs to fleet now larger
than that of U.S.

China's state-controlled media has confirmed that the PLA Navy will soon commission 3 new nuclear-powered attack submarines. The 3 Type-093G subs have already been built and are presumably under sea trials. China's submarine fleet is modernizing rapidly, surpassing the U.S. in number if not in quality ...

Satellite image of China's three new Type-093G nuclear-powered attack submarines, according to CCTV.
In Mao-like move, Xi recruits 10 million Internet youth 'warriors', rattles Hong Kong
Ma Xingrui, a fast-rising high-tech whiz turned politician, has parachuted into the Shenzhen special economic zone (SEZ) as Party Secretary. The latest appointment of the 56-year-old designer of space vehicles has immense significance for the high-tech development of Shenzhen, which is home to Huawei, ZTE and Tencent Holdings, three of China’s most successful IT and e-commerce multinationals.

Like Mao, Xi believes students should be mobilized to tackle whatever crisis that the CCP faces. Reuters
Angry, extended village protests over pollution turns violent in north China
China takes offense at visit by U.S. Navy ship to Vietnam

Kim statues erected nationwide, especially on Russia/China borders

Taiwan's Apache scandal: Foreigners joined tour of off-limits hangar
Geologist released by China after 8 years in jail as alleged American spy
Younger, taller girls sought for Kim Jong-Un's own ‘pleasure squad’

N. Korea deploys hackers overseas with day jobs as traders, engineers
SEOUL — North Korea’s state-run cyber war operations have expanded hacking attempts on South Korean nuclear power plants, city gas networks, subways and railways, according to intelligence officials and defectors.
South Korea refuses to compromise on garlic standards with Chinese farmers
China turns its evacuation of foreign civilians from Yemen into PR bonanza
French Socialist senator killed himself over fake Chinese group weddings

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