October 15, 2014

Pyongyang has reasons for asking the U.S. to take back Korean War remains

The remains of thousands of American soldiers killed in the Korean War will be moved to another place due to "construction projects" but Pyongyang wants the U.S. to return to North Korea to claim them. There are more than 8,000 Americans still listed as missing during the Korean War and they were presumed killed in action. (FULL STORY)
Xi tightens controls on Mainland campuses in wake of Hong Kong mass demonstrations
President Xi Jinping has tightened ideological control over teachers, writers and intellectuals in the wake of the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong. The General Office of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee issued a circular affirming party leadership over the nation’s universities. The circular noted that the Party committees of colleges must ensure overall control over professors and students.


Beijing fears the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong could spread to Mainland campuses studentsforliberty.org
China's new amphibious plane based on Japan's ShinMaywa US-2 set for use against Japan
Chinese boat captain shot, killed by S. Korean maritime police after fighting inspectors

U.S. blocks South Korea's Black Eagles from joining China air show

Seoul wary of Japan deploying troops with U.S. forces oin Korea
China imposes conditions on Japan for an Abe-Xi summit
Kim’s ailing aunt reappears on state TV during his absence

Kim Jong-Un seen using ailments for PR in sign of continued instability
SEOUL — North Korea's Kim Jong-Un had surgery on his ankles but used his six-week absence from the public eye to monitor moves by his potential rivals and grab international attention, sources and analysts here said.
South Korean goods sent by balloons are hot items in North Korean markets
North and South exchange fire on high seas 3 days after surprise N. Korean visit

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