August 13, 2014

Internet publicizes news of China's missile launch failure censored by state media

The Chinese state-controlled media is busy deleting any information on the Internet related to an Aug. 7 missile failure. However, eyewitnesses of the missile fizzle have kept sending out photos and updates about the failure. The missile test was apparently launched from the Jiuquan Launch Center in Gansu province, but the missile fell from the sky and crashed hundreds of miles away into a prairie near a lake in the Inner Mongolia region. (FULL STORY)
China's Jiuquan Launch Center. Click HERE for Internet images of the missile crash site.   
Media tribute to Xi's 'double-fisted' foreign policy counters critics at home, SE Asia
A People's Daily commentary on the one-and-half-year rule of President Xi Jinping has thus characterized the Chinese strongman's unique approach to foreign policy: alternatively using tough and soft tactics so as to close the gap with the United States as the leading arbiter in global affairs.

A screen at a Beijing junction shows a speech by Xi Jinping.  Wang Wei/EPA
Foreign ministers of Japan and China said to reach secret deal on summit
2 million Cambodians killed by China client Khmer Rouge; 2 Khmer leaders sentenced to life

China non-combat personnel includes high-profile mistress-generals

Report: S. Korean phones smuggled into North via China
General questions patriotism of Chinese who denigrate PLA
China executes three South Koreans for drug trafficking

'Eternal president' Kim Il-Sung's image disappears from currency giving rise to conflicting explanations
SEOUL North Korea has dropped the image of its founding father Kim Il-Sung from new banknotes as grandson and new leader Kim Jong-Un struggles to assert his authority, sources and analysts said.
South Korea angered by Japanese media report about President Park
China arrests PhD student for selling information from 'semi-open' sources to foreign agents
North Korea to issue own human rights document to refute devastating UN report WorldTribune.Com