April 22, 2015

Russia and China competing for most frequent near violations of Japan's air space

Japanese military authorities have just released data on the number of Japanese Self Defense Force emergency takeoffs in 2014 to deal with "foreign aircraft that have the potential to violate Japanese air space." The report is disturbing. There were 943 such incidents in 2014, rivaling the record of 944 set in 1984 when the Soviet Union was most provocative toward Japan's air sovereignty.   (FULL STORY)
Japan Air Self Defense Force F-2A taxis for takeoff.
Beijing’s hard power push seen stigmatizing nation for ‘imperial overreach’
The Xi Jinping administration’s aggressive power projection in the South China Sea could deal a frontal blow to Beijing’s “peripheral diplomacy,” which is supposed to improve the country’s relations with neighbors in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Xi leadership has redoubled reclamation efforts in the disputed Spratly island chain, bringing condemnations from it neighbors and the United States.

[ZOOM] According to IHS Jane's, China's active land reclamation of Fiery Cross Reef began in August.   William Colson/CSIS
China issues invitation to Kim for its own WW II victory parade
Double play: Seoul both joins China-led bank and opts out of THAAD opposed by Beijing

India, China engaged in game of railroad chess to enforce border claims

India toughens stance on defending its disputed border region against China
South Korean president declines Putin's invite, ducks face-off with Kim
South Korean police block airlift of ‘The Interview’ film into North Korea

North Korea warms to Russia, with preparations for Kim visit to Moscow
SE0UL — North Korea has stepped up efforts to bolster relations with Russia, which has impacted calculations by China and South Korea on their ties the reclusive nation.
More U.S. Marines landed in Australia to beef up 'Asia Pivot'
Russia invites mystery guests including Mao's daughter to Moscow's WWII parade
Report: South Korean P-3C plane attacked Chinese submarine

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