October 22, 2014

Security concerns may block China's purchase of Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC

The U.S. government is conducting a security risk review of China's recent purchase of the landmark Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. On Oct. 6, the Chinese Anbang Insurance Group struck a deal with Hilton Worldwide Holdings, the owner, to buy the legendary hotel for $1.95 billion. Significantly, the chief executive of the Chinese Anbang Insurance Group is Wu Xiaoping, the grand-son-in-law of the late strongman Deng Xiaoping. (FULL STORY)
Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Carolyn Schaefer / Getty Images
Xi's steamrolling agenda for first time encounters turbulence at major conclave
The much-awaited Fourth Plenary Session of the Central Committee closed in Beijing on Oct. 23 with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership vowing to “improve the socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics.” However, what caught the attention of political observers in Beijing is that General Secretary and President Xi Jinping has met with several setbacks in bolstering his hold on power.


President Xi Jinping at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Central Committee in Beijing earlier this week.
China scolds Taiwan's president for publicly endorsing Hong Kong democracy
Several incidents are reported of North Korean troops attempting to cross DMZ

China-Russia high-speed link to feature 2-day Beijing-Moscow non-stop

China bails out cash-short Russian bank hit by U.S.-led sanctions
China to mobilize a million informants for APEC security
North Korea uses business forum to promote export of its labor force to China

N. Korean military provocations on border seen as pressure tactics on South to ease sanctions
SEOUL — North Korea plans to increase military activities along the heavily fortified border with South Korea, sources and analysts here said.
Seoul steps up efforts to join N. Korea-Russian border infrastructure project
South Korea balks at the bill for F-16 upgrade by BAE, USAF
Outflanked by Vietnam's diplomatic offensive, China agrees to conflict-avoidance measures

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