September 24, 2014

Taiwan to upgrade
World War II era subs after U.S. fails to supply new fleet

Facing China's overwhelming submarine superiority, Taiwan's defense authorities have decided to upgrade the capabilities of its two aging Hai Shih [Tench] Class submarines. China's submarine force is about 20 times bigger than Taiwan's, not even counting China's nuclear-powered ballistic and attack subs. The Taiwanese navy has only four operational submarines, including two Hai Shih Class made by the U.S. toward the end of World War II, and two Dutch-made Chien Lung-Class of the 1970s vintage. (FULL STORY)
Taiwanese Hai Shih Class submarine.   
Having ousted Gen. Xu Caihou, Xi targets antiquated, Soviet-style command structure
President Xi Jinping has begun plans to streamline the antiquated People’s Liberation Army’s command-and-control systems, which are poorly equipped to handle modern warfare. Xi said that the PLA "must strive to build new types of command that follow party instructions and are skilled in planning combat strategies ... in the face of a new national security situation and new requirements for defense preparation.”

Gen. Liu Yuan, a key political commissar for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, is set for a promotion.  Jason Lee/Reuters
China's PLA raided Indian territory just before, right after Xi's state visit to New Delhi
China conducts largest ever dog-fight air exercise

PLA high command furious over college president's military parade

Report: Koreas, China and Russia have meeting on 'travel destination'
Chinese bomber buzzed downtown Shanghai at roof-top altitude
U.S. pushing to keep artillery brigade near inter-Korean border

Sources: Market economy spreading across N. Korea with Kim’s approval
SEOUL — Features of a market economy, including competition and incentives, are rapidly spreading across North Korea multiple sources here said. At the same time, decades-long socialist principles of centralized planning and equal distribution are being phased out, they said.
Citing U.S. decline, Lee Teng-hui calls on Japan to restore military's offensive capability
Major Taiwan exercise reflects change in perception of China threat
Chinese navy chief snubs Japanese counterpart at U.S.-hosted naval symposium
Germany backs Philippines in maritime dispute with China WorldTribune.Com