August 27, 2014

North Korea transfers tanks, troops near South Korea to Chinese border areas

North Korea has reportedly transferred military units and major weapons platforms from the DMZ to border areas near China. Close to 100 tanks, a sniper brigade and several high-power rocket launchers have been moved away from the heavily fortified North Korean border with South Korea to a region along the Chinese border, according to media reports in Seoul. The area the units moved into is the formerly unfortified Ryanggang Province. (FULL STORY)
North Korean tanks in Pyongyang on July 27, 2013.   Reuters/Newsis
Sixth-Generation rising stars need military, space experience on their resumes
Having attained notable achievements in the anti-corruption crusade, President Xi Jinping is turning his attention to grooming future leaders. Dozens of Sixth-Generation officials, or those born in the 1960s, will be inducted into the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and Politburo at the 19th Party Congress of slated for 2017.

Zhang Qingwei is a former top manager in China's space program.  
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Seoul's Blue House presses 'peace regime' policy toward North Korea

Russia reassures Japan: Putin’s visit on schedule
Key U.S. official in Japan boosting 'rebalance', mutual defense alliance
S. Korean businesses launch programs to brace for unification

Lacking food and other basic needs, North Koreans are increasingly turning to drugs
SEOUL — A growing number of North Koreans — from elite Party members in Pyongyang to farmers in remote areas — are involved in the lucrative drug smuggling routes to China. Many have become addicts in the process.
Taiwan’s chief negotiator with communist China suspected of spying for Beijing
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